Founding President

African Chamber Of Trade & Commerce


Mary Concilia Anchang is one of the finest and most contemporary lawyers in Cameroon and the Central African region. She is passionate, vibrant and very engaging. A senior partner at Onambele, Anchang & Associates for the past 28 years, she has demonstrated consistency, resilience and dedication in her work. She finds pleasure in pushing new legal frontiers by initiating unprecedented litigation to create jurisprudence. She perceives the practice of law as an indispensable benchmark to human evolution and welfare. She finds fun in experimenting new concepts in order set new standards in the practice of law to oblige a shift in paradigms.

She considers that without doing things differently to validate new ideas, Africa`s drive to create wealth remains opaque.

Her brilliance and keen eye for detail is highly appreciated by her clients. As counsel to government and international institutions, she has demonstrated mastery and knowledge in matters of litigation, commercial arbitration and Intellectual property law. Her advisory and counsel has been demonstrated at the highest level among the finest. The Nigerian High commission in Cameroon has been privileged to have her as legal counsel and lawyer since 2005. She holds a record of remarkable success in all the disputes exposed to her for representation and assistance to the High Commission. She has a fine personality and maintains persuasive and balanced arguments through all debates. Team work is her mantra.

Currently living her finest moments, as the Founding President of “The African Chamber of Trade & Commerce” ( ACC) she brings her knowledge and experience into a project that she is passionate about. Her expertise will be impactful through the chamber in various economic activities and other institutional platforms of valor, where she would have the ability to address and provide informed views in thought provoking topics drawn from personal experiences and shared testimonies gathered along her career path. Through the ACC platform, she has been able to craft interactive events to promote business and policy in matters of culture, education, business, agriculture and economic welfare by contributing towards the emergence of African markets in line with the AU 2063 agenda and the UN SDGs. ACC advocates for adapted innovative African solutions to African problems. 

Observing the new era during and post-COVID19 , she firmly believes that, Africa`s development needs  institutional advocacy for businesses, governments and/with Africa`s development partners. Drawn from her legal practice and personal multiple travel and multipurpose business background, she considers that, experience is the best teacher.  Also that, knowledge sharing is a key tool to foster Africa`s development into new markets. ACC believes that the DOD`S and SDGs, all UN flagship programs cannot be achieved without inclusive and practical solutions involving the African private sector.


She believes the shift in paradigms will occur if the use of existing bilateral treaties, international & regional conventions and national trade law are enforceable. Yet, in the absence of a Marshal plan to build reliable economic infrastructures, Africa`s emergence may be reduced to slogans on AFRICA`s potential.  Whereas Africans cannot continue to speculate. The 2063 AU agenda is only feasible if Africans forcefully address key issues related to the transformation of local raw materials through industrial value and supply chains. That adapted infrastructures with innovative ecosystems seen within the lens of an African business model seems the most probable options. Mary fears Africans may talk themselves into the 22nd century with little progress if they keep speculating. That, given the increasing number of idling human capital, and a growing unskilled youths the consumer dependent population will continue to survive on importation. 

She advises on a more recognized private sector involvement, to promote investment budgets for SMEs entrepreneurial businesses. 

The ACC, therefore is host two bi-annual event platforms with an incubator project in the African Fashion Industry;

1. The ACC Economic Day (AED) 3rd Edition coming up in May/June 2021

2. The International Forum for Production and Transformation of Cotton, Textile, Garments and Accessories (FICOTA) also host to The Kribi Beach Fashion Week (KBFweek) or experience and knowledge sharing. 2nd Edition in December 2021. “African COTTON TRANSFORMATION FOR ARFICA`S RENAISSANCE.”

3. The African Fashion Project (AFP) Launched on February 5th 2021.

ACC works through a reliable network of experts to forge successful initiatives with African Businesses, Governments and development partners. ACC advocates for policies on adapted innovative African solutions to African problems.

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