Ms. Alice Knauber

Ms. Alice Knauber

Seasoned Physiotherapist And Practitioner Of Ayurveda

Lukalia Health And Wellness, Heidelberg, Germany


Ms. Alice Knauber is a seasoned physiotherapist and practitioner of Ayurveda, With her concept of Lukalia she created a new modern form of medical wellness that combines the Western medicine and physiotherapy practice with the thousands of years old experiences of Ayurveda and other Eastern medicine. The concept is franchised by various hotel chains and had become popular under the brand Welldiana by the Thomas Cook's Aldiana Resort Club. Both business and leisure travelers have an affinity to quality wellness offers. Especially seasoned business travelers as well as active sports seek to combine medical treatment with a glance of wellness. Lukalia is an answer to this demand. Based on Ayurvedic treatment it adds elements of medical physiotherapy to reduce pain of the body and pamper the soul with well-being. 

In this workshop Ms. Alice demonstrates practically how Ayurveda and health treatment can be combined into a medical wellness concept. 

We welcome representatives of hotels who want to enhance their spa or gym with a modern form of Medical Wellness to fuel the business with an attractive offer. This is a practice course, and we ask every interest hotel to send both a director and a massage practitioner.

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