Mr. Axel Angeli

Mr. Axel Angeli

Digital Transformation Evangelist

Logosworld Informatics 50 Experts Alliance Germany


Axel Angeli is a Digital Transformation evangelist for "Evolution by Design" mainly in Industries 4.0, Agriculture 4.0. Being a well-known conference speaker and author, he teaches and advises enterprises and policy makers in India, Middle East, and Africa in finding the best path into the Digital Future. 

Axel Angeli is a globetrot who travelled most places of the work for business but his interest in tourism originates in his family background with deep relationship with hospitality and gastronomy from childhood on.  He is best known as "guru" for Industries 4.0 and Artificial Intelligence and with his "50 Experts Global Alliance" team he pursues many missions in mentoring business strategy and policy making for emerging countries by opening up ways to success under intricate political and economic circumstances. 

Axel Angeli is a true silverback, and his obsession is teaching enthusiastic young people how to gain success. His presentations are always entertaining, and he invites his auditory to come into personal discussion after the stage event.

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