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Comprehensive Services Of iNTTA  Business Tourism

We are connoisseurs of  business tourism!! Thank you for engaging our services.

iNTTA a leading tourism business promotion organization (MICE), dedicated to bringing  business and practitioners together to create a better tourism business climate and a pleasant destination to live, work and visit.

Business owners always have challenges such as: Presence in a target market and identification of investment opportunities in new industries and markets. Inter Tourism Expo Accra identifies all needs of business owners, traders and those interested in investing and cooperating with Ghana. Our main purpose is identical of cooperation and investment opportunities till creating commercial cooperation agreement.

Our Affiliates

  • Government agencies and trade bodies
  • Buyers of products and services
  • Applicant for investment in industry, region and target country.

Our Services At a Glance

  • Consultation in identification of Collaboration opportunities and investment in target market.
  • Consultation in knowing of rules In accordance with the applicant’s need.
  • Management of B2B meetings and business events.
  • Professional Management and planning for commercial visiting and business groups.
  • Creating of effective business communication in accordance with the applicant’s needs.
  • Consultation in creating commercial cooperation agreement.
  • Trade mission coordination

Consultation of Services

  • Legal Advice
  • Services of customs
  • company registration
  • Obtaining Sales representative
  • Obtaining business residence permit
  • Creating commercial cooperation agreement
  • Consultation of money exchange
  • Bilateral trade links

General Services of Hosting Individual & Commercial Groups

  • Obtaining business visa
  • Logistics
  • Accommodation
  • Translator of different languages
  • Money exchange services
  • Tourism and recreational services

Services of business communication

  • Set up commercial meetings
  • Visiting specialized exhibitions
  • Creating effective communication
  • Creating supply chain