Africa and Asia are working hard to move tourism forward for the benefit of SMEs. The weekend of the 18th it is Africa that will be showcasing its tourism might and the following weekend, the 29th, all the attention will be on Bali where Tourism Ministers and Industry professionals will be rallying in the Indonesian Island.

Tourism is never a single sided affair and cooperation between States, Airlines and the Tourism Industry is always key to success and long-term partnership.

Emmanuel Treku, in his capacity as the Convener & CEO of Inter Tourism Expo Accra met the Qatari Ambassador to Ghana, His Excellency Hamed Mohammed Al Suwaidi in Accra to discuss tourism in West Africa and in Africa.

The meeting that was also attended by the incoming Advisory Board Chairman, Dr Prince Kofi Kludjeson of the Inter Tourism Expo Accra, was the opportunity to discuss collaborations that would benefit Ghana, West Africa and the Continent of Africa as a whole.

‘Entering the Qatar Embassy in Accra with proposals for HALAL TOURISM’ said Emmanuel Treku , they were overwhelmed by the discussed and areas of collaborations with the Qatari mission that touched:

  1. Cultural exchange via the annual tourism expo in both Ghana and in Qatar
  2. Instituting the Halal Africa Forum on the ideals of developing Halal Industry and Tourism Sustainability in West Africa
  3. Joint promotional efforts of Inter Tourism Expo Accra with the mission as a conduit to Qatar Travel Market and business tourism positioning in Ghana and vice versa.

His Excellency Hamed Mohammed Al Suwaidi moved the need for an immediate Memorandum of Understanding to confirm the action points and deliverables fostering this collaboration. His Excellency the Qatari Ambassador further pledged his attendance to the 2023 Inter Tourism Expo and future support to the annual Inter tourism expo. The Africa Halal Forum will be launched on the 18th of September 2023.

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